Top 6 Everyday Products Made Using Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a new and evolving part of science which has application in every area of life. We are using biotechnology in medicine, nursing, genetics, microbiology and many other aspects of life. This article is going to look at how biotechnology is being used in various aspects of our lives.

Alcohol Production –

A lot goes into producing a bottle of beer or any other alcoholic beverage of your choice. In these beverages, we do have an apt description for industrial biotechnology at work. Beer involves the fermentation of sugars, hops, barley and other such plants. This is pure biotechnology at work and we do have a lot to gain from it. Some of the processes are too complex to explain but the fermentation of sugars and the proof and rating of alcohol depend on complex biotechnological processes.


Biotechnology has application in food processing and packaging along with canning. In the processing and preservation of food, we have all kinds of sweeteners, preservatives, aromas and flavors. These constituents and ingredients of food are usually prepared through biotechnological processes. Without biotechnology, our food processing industry will not function.

Tires –

Goodyear and other reputed tire companies have started to move away from using crude oil derivatives as components used for tire production. They are now using renewable synthetic materials in the production of tires and this has been made possible by the ingenuity of Biotechnology

Biodiesel – 

There is an array of bio fuels taking the world by storm and currently revolutionizing the energy as well oil and gas sectors of many countries in the world. This is a product of years of intense research in the field of biotechnology.


Polyester, nylon and any other synthetic material which we use for clothing are all products of years of research in biotechnology.

Pharmaceuticals –

Biotechnology has adaptation and use in the field of pharmacy, as most of the drugs being used today go through the process of biotechnology.



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