Field Biotechnology Is Ever Expanding and Evolving

Field biotechnology is one of the new areas of science which is now gaining traction, as it has application in so many fields; ranging from microbiology to medicine, pharmacology, biochemistry and genetics. Its range of application is so wide that this area of science keeps evolving and expanding, and we can say that it has yet a lot to go.

Dr. Kaplana Joshi is a biotechnologist of high repute residing in India. She is the Head of Department for the department of Biotechnology at the Shigad College of Engineering (SCOE). She got her PHD in molecular biology from the National Chemical Laboratory. Her department and course which she oversees was recently awarded Grade A for the program. She has a lot of good things to say about this feat and insists that the investment the institution is making in staff and student development is the key.

Her candid opinion is that Biotechnology is an ever expanding and evolving discipline. She explains that the demands and needs of the industry at this time dictate that more institutions like hers are needed to bridge an existing gap. This gap she explains is the dearth of qualified biotechnologists who are needed to fill these positions and posts in the industry.

She also explains that in the industry, there is little time for staff training and retraining due to the pressure to perform and deliver results. The industry needs its staff grounded and trained in the pre requisite skills which they need to discharge their duties effectively. She has industry experience and has worked in the pharmaceutical sector; thus, she knows exactly what she is saying. This new field of biotechnology cuts across a lot of industries and disciplines, and more effort must be made to encourage and help the science.



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