Perspective of Transhumanist: Human Genetic Enhancements

In Transhumanism, more attention is given to the enhancement of human lifespan, brain power and intellectual capacity. Both the present as well as the future technologies are considered in this regard. By enhancing, we mean extending the human health, elimination of diseases and sufferings, growth of the intellectual, physical and emotional capacities, and so on.

To change the human conditions for better prospects, the Transhumanist perspective is used which includes creating superpower machineries, space colonization, etc. It does not limit itself to only drugs and gadgets, but has a large domain which covers the economical, social, cultural and psychological skills and techniques. It is believed the Transhumanists are trying to increase the probability of surviving for long enough to become post-human for which they choose a healthy lifestyle.

To understand how the approach of transhumanistic is applied to a certain technology, we will take the genetic enhancements of the human germ-line as an example. Genetic enhancements aim at obtaining goods that are desirable as far as they provide a competitive advantage and have negative externalities. Objects being raised for something being essentially wrong or ethically suspect for using science to play with the human nature are regarded by transhumanists as unwise. The psychological effect of the germ-line process is a matter of concern for many because of the ability to create a clone by collecting the genes of our children which is termed as being unethical. The cloned child will be a mere product for the parents. The children will be evaluated on the parameters of quality control. Trying to regulating the Human Reproduction System will not be a best transhumanist approach.

A lot of emphasis is placed by the Transhumanists on alterations, which will not only promote human welfare but also create newer possibilities. It will increase the human abilities to make better choices.



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