Top Ten Futuristic Transhumanist Technologies

Transhumanists work towards enhancing the human capabilities through the developed technologies. While doing so, they have a futuristic perspective in their mind which might last for many years to come.

The top ten Transhumanist technologies are listed below for your better understanding:

1. Artificial General Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a questionable subject. It is the power of a machine which could do any intellectual task usually done be the humans.


2. Mind Uploading

Mind Uploading, one of the important technologies of Transhumanism, is all about non-biological intelligence.


3. Megascale Engineering (in space) :

The Megascale Engineering can be seen through fiction.


4. Molecular Manufacturing :

This is entirely predictable through the Mili, Micro, Nano, Pico curves.


5. Autonomous Self-Replicating Robots :

This Transhumanist technology is a great cause of concern, as it can make the humans extinct very soon. This technology has the ability to replace the human being with robots.


6. Cybernetics

This technology can prove to be a boon to many disabled humans. It has already developed many artificial human body parts in relation to limbs, ears, legs and other organs.


7. Space Colonization:

Space has been the premises in most of the science fiction. The same will be true in  future due to the increase in population. Hence, life on the space can now be imagined.


8. Gene Therapy:

The Gene Therapy is rapidly growing by replacing the bad genes with the good ones. So, increasing lifespans will be less expensive in the coming years.


9. Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality has already become a part of our lives. Computer graphics have replaced the photorealism. Video games and some entertainment sources are all part of the Virtual Reality technology.


10. Cryonics

Cyronics are used to preserve the dead human body, especially the brain. This is the process of freezing the body or body parts with the hope that these will revive again in the future.




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