A Greatest Threat to the Existence of Humanity – Transhumanism

Is Transhumanism the greatest threat to Humanity? This is the question which has been bothering the scholars and researchers from all over the world for a long time. Humans have become too much dependable on today’s top-notch technologies. Be it the Wi-Fi connectivity or the mobile phone, our privacy is at stake in this digital world.

What is Transhumanism?

In 1957, a biologist named as Julian Huxley first coined the term ‘Transhumanism.’ It’s a synonym for human advancement, be it genetics, robotics or nanotechnology. Transhumanism has been developed to further enhance the human being’s physical and mental abilities. It alters the undesirable traits in humans, improves intelligence, provides better health and so on.

Transhumanism is sure to be on the top list with other great threats to humanity. Now the question arises, can these threats be stopped? Yes, if the future of the humanity is to be saved then it has to be stopped. Let us see a few threats arising from Transhumanism.

  • The ruling elites with their madness for power promote the Transhumanism technologies, where they have their own selfish motives. This has given rise to mass exploitation.
  • There will soon be the loss of humanity and spirituality because of it. With the revolution of robotics and altering what the God has created for us, there will be the risk of losing the human qualities of being sympathetic, kind, caring and generous. As a result, only a dehumanized body with no feelings or love will be remained.
  • There will be only few controlled minds working for the elites. Transhumanism supports drugs and vaccines to alter the DNA and these also contain live viruses.

It’s time to be a pro-human. To fight against the threats on existence of humanity, let us educate ourselves about the repercussions of these developing technologies.



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