The Pros & Cons of Human Modifications

It is true that for the development and prosperity of the human being, the latest technologies have to be adopted. At the same time, it is also true that meddling with the nature should be avoided as much as possible to prevent some possible harsh results.

Genetic Modification is the process of altering an organism’s genes for some new attributes and characteristics that otherwise are absent naturally. It can also eradicate the undesirable traits in the organisms.

There are some human modifications that are really worth for the progress of the humankind. At the same time, some types of human modifications may be harmful and often may not be very useful for us in the long run.  

Many scientists fear that genetic modifications on humans, especially on children may have irreversible and massive ill-effects on the humankind as a whole. Altering the DNA of humans and animals to modify the eco-system may create numerous adverse effects. Using the latest technologies, the genome editing of human embryos may have unpredictable effects on the newborns.

Human modification is a way of interfering with our genes to make our bodies better. Through germ line, the alteration of a genome takes place to alter the traits that a child is born with. This is in fact illegal in many countries. Exchanging of bad genes with the good ones is also a way of changing the genome.

Human modifications can be done to increase our lifespans and improve our immune systems. They can also be used for making better use of medicines by us.

Some genes may carry viruses which may prove to be fatal. Moreover, such modifications may hurt some religious sentiments and are not acceptable by many religious sects.  Genetic Modification also questions the famous theory of Darwin, “the survival of the fittest.”



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