Conversational Computing, is the Future of Microsoft Software

Artificial Intelligence is influencing almost every field because of the wide applicability it possesses. The leading software company, Microsoft is enabling AI to be everywhere, through conversational computing. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft stated, “We want to bring intelligence to everything, to everywhere, and for everyone.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the cornerstone of the company since it has introduced Cortana. It is a virtual personal assistant that has been added to Windows about a year ago. With Cortana, the company has been releasing certain features enabled by AI for its operating system and standalone software.

Microsoft-owned online communication portal; Skype has been added with real-time translation. The company wants to ensure that it makes the best use of AI to boost its business.

At a recent press gathering in San Francisco, Microsoft has announced the introduction of:

  • Cortana enabled smart speaker by Harman Kardon, which is similar to the Amazon Echo and Google Home.
  • A live virtual assistant in the emails to help schedule meetings.
  • Zo, a new English-speaking chatbot to replace Tay.
  • A new instrument for real real-time conversation translation.
  • A software developer kit for those users who wish to configure it with a smart speaker or a gadget.

All the new incorporations that the Microsoft claims to make to Windows, is ought to change the way we experience the Microsoft software. One can just ask the Cortana enabled speaker to switch on the lights or to even schedule a meeting for a day. The users can use the chat bots on any platform like KIK, Skype or Facebook Messenger for customer service.

The virtual assistant navigates the user to the desired destination on the system without having to work on lengthy menus. One just needs to command the AI for a task and then wait for it to do it.

Statistics show that users are moving towards voice based computing technology. Nadella claimed, “in June that 100 million people use Cortana per month, and estimates say that 25% of searches in the Windows 10 taskbar are done by voice.”

AI to perform its activities requires an enormous amount of data so as to understand the user’s schedules or voices. Hence providing the data in huge numbers is the only hurdle in making AI more personalised, assert the team from Microsoft.



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