Artificial Scientist to Come Up With Better Anti-aging Solutions

Artificial Intelligence revolutionises every arena of life because of its wide reach. It can improve the situation of every sphere that it enters, is the widely accepted belief.  A team of researchers at Scicog Systems are engaged in creating an Artificial Scientist. This AI scientist in return would create a solution for anti- aging.

Major scientists are already working to make anti- aging a reality. The scientists at Scicog Systems claim that the AI scientist that they aim to build will be the smartest scientist ever in the world. They further believe that age reversal can be realised soon with the help of AI.

Initially, the researchers are currently engaged in gathering all the information available in the market concerning age reversal. AI will be able to analyse the data better and quicker than the human mind.

The researchers suppose that approximately in three years they will be able to gather all information available in this world about age reversing. The information then is processed into the AI scientist.

Artificial Scientist will then process all the information collected and thereon, derive the chemical reactions that occur in the human body. The researchers opinionate that such an analysis will also unravel the code of 20,000 human genes. Then, unrecognisable patterns with relation to humans are identified.

Thereon the AI will draw theories based on the patterns identified. AI will be programmed in a way to test its own theories, to analyse the data and thereon create a new knowledge. Consequently it will help in creating a solution for age reversal.

Researchers claimed that the AI will combine gene chip technology with hormone balancing and other non-toxic interventions. This is to change aging as it is now.

Researchers are planning to adapt gene therapy as it is the key solution to preventing health issues.



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