Government Must Focus on AI Research, Recommends a Committee

It has been widely acknowledged by now that the AI is the milestone of human civilisation. Numerous studies and researches have been taking place about the development and advancement of AI. However, it is only giant corporate firms that are focusing on AI, the government is taking a minimal stand concerning AI, claimed senate’s Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.

The senate’s Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation was held under the helm of Texas Senator (R) Ted Cruz, on November 30. The committee discussed the situation of AI research and development and thereon, its policy and how it shall influence commerce.

Aftermath the discussions, the committee concluded that the government is not providing proper regulations and guidelines on AI research and is not taking crucial steps for the development of AI, which is to shape the future.

Experts like Microsoft Research’s managing director Eric Horvitz stated that the government is in a position to steer the development of AI in the right direction mainly because, AI is still in its inception. Horvitz further believed that AI can help in areas like homelessness and addiction, where there is lack of investment from the industry and the government help in getting it.

OpenAI’s cofounder and CTO Greg Brockman exclaimed that there is a “real hunger for basic research” in the AI industry as most researchers and technologists are yet to make the most important advances.

The discussion has made the government aware of the possible avenues for it enter into and at the same time technologists concern over automation was addressed. Both, Brockman and Horvitz has stated that issues like job displacement can be addressed by investing in the focused research.

The government must make the right use of AI and push for better solutions through AI to pressing problems. Andrew Moore, the dean of the school of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, has stated how AI can help the elderly in providing the healthcare options online without any human assistance.




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