mHealth is Set To Revolutionise Healthcare Industry

Smartphones have become one of the necessities these days. Their share in the market has increased rapidly. Almost all fields and sectors are deploying smartphones for their best. Each service provider is coming up with an application to make their services more accessible. Hahnemann Hospital has used the same strategy and built an SMS- based mHealth reminder app.

Mobile healthcare or what is widely referred to as mHealth is still very recent. It has revolutionised the healthcare industry by altering how one deal with health. It is enabling the users to interact with the healthcare providers and thereon take charge of one’s health.

There are numerous apps available in the market concerning health. There are fitness apps that assist the users in following a proper diet and those that recommend exercises for a healthy life. There are a few which analyse the biological activities like heart rate, a number of steps walked, and flights of stairs. Such apps even offer social boards that allows one to compete with their friends and family.

Few hospitals have also started offering service through such platforms. Medical reports are made available to the users through an app. Also if the user has any query with regard to a health issue, the apps are allowing the users to request the doctor to review a query.

The SMS base reminder app introduced by  Hahnemann Hospital is a recent initiative. It is mainly aimed at reducing readmission of the patients, and it did succeed in realising that until now. The hospital has managed to reduce patient readmission by 16%.

In future, the healthcare industry has a lot to benefit through the smartphone. There might be new apps in future that might help not only in tracking one’s health but also prevent emergencies. There are companies now that are using AI to analyse medical data.



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