ROSS Software That Uses AI in Legal System: Andrew Arruda

Artificial Intelligence is leaving its trace in almost every field and thereby revolutionizing every field. The law firms are the recent ones to join the journey of Artificial Intelligence (AI). ROSS Software is the company that has introduced AI into the legal system.

The legal system believes that by relying on Artificial Intelligence (AI) various expenses for menial jobs can be avoided. Moreover, the machines are ingrained with the legal framework which finishes the activity at relatively lower costs with regard to the lawyers. Thereby making the functioning of legal system efficient and accurate.

Andrew Arruda, the CEO and co-founder of ROSS Intelligence exclaimed, “AI-enabled software is going to become very much the status quo and very normal” in the coming decade.

Arruda’s company has recently come up with ROSS software with the help of law firms in and around the US. The software uses the supercomputing power of IBM Watson to run through huge files of data. Thereby aims to make it user-friendly. The software is so quick that it can perform an activity in few seconds which takes some hours for humans to perform.

ROSS software is first used in the law firm BakerHostetler, which focuses on bankruptcy cases. As the command is punched as an input in normal language, ROSS software provides the relevant information by filtering its legal database.

The unique feature of the ROSS software is that it can even send alerts in real time.

A survey has revealed that around 80% of the Americans cannot afford a lawyer because of the cost involved. Using AI reduces such costs by a certain level, making it accessible to most of the people. Even for small cases like a parking ticket AI becomes useful for efficient functioning.

Arruda believes that AI in future will draft its own documents, building arguments, and comparing and contrasting past cases. He added, “Law touches everything, “which is referred to as a practice of “the operating system of society”

Arruda expects AI to start drafting its own documents, building arguments, and comparing and contrasting past cases. Nevertheless, Arruda does not believe that Ai will replace humans in the courtroom. AI merely makes the work of the lawyer easy and accurate.




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