Amazon Enters the Race of Artificial Intelligence Services

Every major corporate firm working with emerging technologies is engaged in building an Artificial Intelligence system for itself. Amazon has recently added to this category of companies by announcing it brand new three products based on AI.

These three products are named Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly and Amazon Rekognition. Amazon believes that these products make the work of developers an easier and convenient. Amazon has ventured on Artificial Intelligence as it realised that the third-party IT infrastructure management is the way of the future.

Amazon Lex:

This enables the developers to integrate conversational voice and text interfaces into any application. Lex relies on advanced, in-depth learning of functionalities that include automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding (NLU) to ensure better engagement with the user.  The same technology that Alexa uses is being offered to the users, allowing them to build their customised chatbots or conversational bots.

Amazon Rekognition:

This application enables one to add image analysis to the applications. It allows the user to detect objects, scenes and faces in images. It even allows one to search and compare faces. Amazon relies on this technology for Prime Photos. Rekognition uses deep neural network models to detect and label the objects, scenes and faces in your images. The service is still in the making just like Alexa.

Amazon Polly:

It is a service that allows the developers to build applications that talk. It emphasises on converting text into speech. It is enabled with 47 “lifelike” voices in 24 different languages. The user can customise the type of voice and language according to one’s need and can be integrated into the app with ease. Polly is equipped with advanced AI technologies like speech synthesis. As the text is given as input Polly immediately converts it into an audio stream, which can further be cached in MP3 format for offline purposes.

By introducing these three services as APIs, Amazon is trying to leverage its cloud presence and thereby aims to attract people in huge numbers to depend on their services. All of which runs on AWS cloud. Thereby, aims at increasing revenue in an indirect way.

By offering these as APIs, they can then leverage their cloud presence and get people to start depending heavily on their services – all of which run on AWS Cloud. Eventually, that will lead to a massive revenue stream in an indirect way.



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