Skin Gun Sprays Skin Cells Which Will Heal Burns and Regenerate Skin

The health sector is one of the major field witnessing numerous inventions and discoveries with the improving technology. Recently, a company has made a pathbreaking announcement. The company, Renova Care have released Skin Gun sprays.

The company Renova Care is based in New York. The company is engaged in producing medical grade liquid spray devices.

Skin Gun sprays new skin cells onto burns and helps in healing them completely. Thereby, even severe burns and scars cause thereon can be healed completely. Otherwise, the scars that burns create stay with a person for an indefinite period. Thence, Skin Gun is believed to be a revolutionising innovation.

According to the NHS serious burns are often treated with laser therapy, radiotherapy, or skin needling. The results of these treatments vary considerably. Moreover, these treatments take a lengthy time for recovery and even require further visits to the hospital and invasive procedures.

All these problems can be resolved using Skin Gun. It sprays the patient’s own stem cells onto the burnt area or where there are scars. This allows the skin to regenerate organically. The entire process takes about just 90 minutes. It produces no scares, and any kind of surgery is not required once the Skin Gun is used on the affected area.

For the Skin Gun to jet out stem cells, the patient initially is required to give a sample of their skin.  It is from the sample stem cells are produced and within weeks the procedure is all set to perform the act.

Shown Trial tests have 97.3% viability (essential for regenerating skin). Thomas Bold, President, and CEO said: “Study results provide pre-clinical support for our methodology for first isolating keratinocytes from skin samples, and subsequently achieving even and gentle spray application without harming these powerful yet delicate cells.”

At present, the Skin Gun is being used to treat the US Army veterans and is not yet open for sale for everyone.





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