One Third Career Options Might be Rendered Obsolete Shortly

The rapid advancements in technology namely, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, advanced computing are ought to rule the world in the near future. The report entitled The New Work Order has recently stated that 60% of the youth are choosing career options that might become obsolete in the coming days.

The report was issued by the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA). It declared that few career options would become obsolete in the near future due to automation and advances in technology.

The students in Australia are already being trained to cope with the changes. Primarily, they are moving away from the traditional model of employment.

Around 70 per cent of young people are believed to enter the workforce in jobs that will be “radically affected by automation”. The report further believes that the change occurs within 10- 15 years.

Jan Owen, the CEO of FYA, explained that the chances of getting a foothold in the labour market are going to keep shrinking. While the unemployment and underemployment rate for young people in Australia is already around 30 per cent.

The report has further mentioned the impact of automation and globalisation on the workforce. A wide range of career options are made available as a consequence, and it is made collaborative, barriers in work are reduced. Thereby work is made flexible and less regimented.

Nevertheless, such changes might even lead to unemployment, inequality, and job insecurity.

The report hence recommends that emphasis has to be laid on promoting digital skills and entrepreneurship among young people. It even added that taxes are to be lowered for low-income groups and more rights to be provided for freelance workers. As the makers of the report believes that such measures help boost Australia’s economy and work space.

A similar report was issued by Oxford professors Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne in which it was concluded that around one-third of all jobs in the UK could become obsolete in the near future.

With the changing times and technology the traditional practices are to be changed.



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