Saunalahti School: Changing the Direction of Education System for Better

All of us have experienced how it feels to be going school. As pre-schoolers, we have experienced the anxiety and excitement at the idea of being to school. Saunalahti school in the city of Espoo, Finland, have come up with a brilliant solution to overcome the hurdles in present education system, aiming at overall development.

According to the analysis made by child psychologists, almost every child feels a huge sense of disappointment after a few days of going to school. The expectations are not met primarily because of the principles followed by the present education system. Nevertheless, the kids in Finland are definitely not experiencing this.

Saunalahti school at its outlook is different from the regular schools. It looks like a modern art museum with great lighting and spaces that allow inflow of air. Experts from VERSTAS Architects made sure that Saunalahti school stands unique so that it represents the vision with which it is established.

The school is spread over 10,500 square metres. It constitutes a primary school, a secondary school, a kindergarten, a youth club, theatre, cafeteria, library, gym and many other things. It has wide open spaces, a place for sports and hardware workshops. These areas are utilised to the maximum.

Teaching is done in a relaxed atmosphere. Children are given the chance to sit wherever they want and in any position, they want to.  Emphasis is laid on discussions in class more than anything. Besides, team building is also given prime importance, it is on these lines most lessons are taught.

The students and teachers share the same cafeteria, as it helps in creating a strong bond between both. Thereby, the results are reflected in the learning process.

The designing of the school has been made with a lot of inputs and efforts to make it the ideal school. The designers believed that any kind of fence would build the idea of restriction in the mind of pupils. Thence there are a lot of open spaces provided without any fence.

As an auxiliary, the areas within the school have glass doors and the seating arrangements are made next to the glass walls. This is primarily to establish a connection with the outside world.

There is a great need for schools like these, as they play a huge role in reducing the psychological problems experienced by the pupils in the traditional education system. Saunalahti school has started a great revolution, which is to be the future of education system.



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