Auroville, an International City that Offers Tranquility for Real

Living in the world of tranquillity and calmness is everyone’s dream and wishes at some or the other point of time. It is astonishing to find that there is a place on Earth where such peace is available amidst all the chaos and violence that this world is experiencing. Auroville in southern India people lives happily as there is no fuss and drama of politics, money and religion.
Auroville is located in South India, around 150 kilometres from Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu. The society of Auroville does not follow customs, to which we have unfortunately been accustomed to apparently they constrain a person’s development. Besides, the place also offers beautiful serene atmosphere.

The city, Auroville was founded in 1968. In the same year, it has been declared by UNESCO as an international city. The inhabitants hailed from over 50 nationalities and different cultures, thereby making it a different and unique place. There are no issues between the people of varied nationality, rather they coexist together.

Auroville has a political system that treats persons from every nationality equally. Moreover, there exists no religion and money, creating harmony. Money is not used but a barter system is followed where products or services are ‘exchanged’.

The buildings in the city are based on experimental architecture. Reuse and recycle is the motto of this city. The experimental architecture is adopted for the same reason as the structures may change. Renewable sources of energy are the preferable form of energy.

Mirra Alfassa is the person behind the design and the vision of this beautiful city, that is setting an example for every society. Alfassa is often referred to as “Mother”.

Alfassa stated, “There should be a place on Earth that no nation could claim as their own; where all human beings of good will who have a sincere aspiration could live freely as citizens of the world, obeying one single authority, that of the supreme truth. A place of peace, concord and harmony where all the fighting instinct in man were used exclusively to overcome the cause of their sufferings and miseries, to overcome their weaknesses and ignorance, and to triumph over their limitations and disabilities. A place where the needs of the spirit and interest of progress precedence over the satisfaction of desires and passions or the pursuit of pleasure and material enjoyment.”

The city is known for being a sustainable eco- city, It has adopted multiple cropping and other sustainable practices. It is these practices that made the city self-sufficient especially with regard to milk, dairy products and seasonal fruits.

This city stands as an ideal city and teaches the important methods that every city has to adopt importantly at this point of time, where there are many environmental problems.



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