Human Blood of Teenagers has Properties of Rejuvenation

Young human plasma has the conjuring property of rejuvenation of cells discovered by Alkahest researchers. They experimented it on an old mice and on young mice. The old mice have shown improvement in memory, cognition and physical activity. He can run in an open space like the young one. The outcomes of the research are giving new hopes for the medical science. research on young human plasma and mice.

Blood from human teenagers rejuvenates body and brains of old mice

Now new treatment techniques can be developed for the treatment of several brain, heart, liver and muscle disease. Now we can save many human lives.

Previous research method showed different results on young and old mice, which is an interesting effect. The effects on the young mice had ageing signs on brain cells. While the older mice had signs of rejuvenation.

The reason behind this is in the blood plasma of young. Plasma is the liquid part of the blood. Several studies supported the fact that injecting blood plasma of young mice in old mice have rejuvenated the brain cells as well as other organs of the body, such as- liver, heart, and muscle.

For confirmation of this research Minami and her colleagues tested it with the blood plasma of 18 years old. They injected it in 12 months old mice ( 12 months mice = 50-year-old human being). They witnessed an improvement in mice after three weeks injection (twice in a week). The mice were comparable young than 3 months old mice and old mice.

New neurons

The founding supports the theory that human plasma has properties to rejuvenate. The team examined the brains of both mice to uncover the reason behind it. They found that new neurones are there in the hippocampus by the process called neurogenesis. Scientists thought this process is important for memory and learning.



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