Elon Musk: Tesla Solar Roofs replacing the Normal Roofs

Tesla solar roof will likely cost less than a normal roof

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had come with a pathbreaking idea of selling solar roof which would cost less than the normal roof installation. The idea of solar cells has happened as both Tesla and Solar City have come together sharing the same vision. Shareholders of Tesla and SolarCity has voted for the merger and this resulted in cost effective program. This combined company union  are still fresh in innovation and have already established their vision to accomplish in their own way.

The traditional form of the building contains normal roof which cannot withstand with the continual change in seasons. Now, with the increase in global warming and climatic change, natural resources are getting important with this moving pace. Solar power is a good source of natural energy can be utilised all way long without any extra source from outside.

The solar roofs captured the broader range of solar spectrum rays mostly the red and the blue wavelengths which capture more electricity. This innovation provides a great development in the energy sector. Also, it gave a pathway for a new method of replacing the normal roof with that of the solar roof, to be more efficient.

Elon Musk unveiled solar shingle options for a solar roof:

During November 1st conference call, SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive stated that this company union is aiming at 40 cents a watt, which is a perfect volume producer of power. Musk also unveiled at October 28 event about four solar shingle options for a solar roof. And a new feature of the solar roof designed to glass developed by Tesla’s new glass divisions. Auxiliary to these features of the company union, Tesla plans to produce the solar cells for the roof with Panasonic at a manufacturing facility in Buffalo,New York.

Totally, these solar roofs produce the true volume of electricity and energy. So, in near future, solar roofs will replace normal roofs around the world in order to withstand the changes in the environment and most importantly for sustainable development.



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  1. Darius Craft

    How much for a system that can make 4 k. I live in a 3500 square feet house Virginia. Can I get the system here

  2. Sylvie

    How much for a 2,400 square feet house?

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