Black Mirror Series Showing Us the Future Way Ahead

 Has Black Mirror series become the “real life mirror”?

Black Mirror is another reality of our world in which modern technology has conquered our lives.

Charlie Brooker’s “Black Mirror“ has enormously become parallel to our everyday life, almost as if he knew how much modern technology will become important to us. After Netflix aired season 3’s new 6 episodes altogether,the fans can surely say that “Black Mirror“s inventiveness is terrifyingly matching with our real world.

“Nosedive“ is all about the world whose value depends on the rating of their social media accounts. It consists of a five-star rating classification, and to see the similarity, you should know that there is an app in reality called “Peeple“ that rates our lives.

“Playtest“ was surely one of the terrifying episodes of the series. It’s about a gaming system in which people were experiments in trying new games. What is even more terrifying is the thought that gamers can soon be easily controlled by video games.We already have VR games like Pokemon Go , and the world is addicted to it.

“Shut Up And Dance“ episode is describing real-life similar scenes; mainly frauds on social media. When you look at it, it can really happen to anyone in real life. An unknown hot girl can chat with you and easily deceive you into doing naughty things on camera, and soon enough you find out it’s a man blackmailing you to give him the money or he will send the video of you to everyone you know.

“San Junipero” is a game of real life, and you can use it as an altered reality in which you can’t die. We also have VR games and most people are obsessed with them. VR games allow people to have everything they don’t in real life, and that’s what makes them interesting.

“Men Against Fire” episode is about different technologies affecting life. In the episode, soldiers had translators and people could control their own dreams. Nowadays, the advance of technology allowed us to do the same. A new invention can help us to control our actions in dreams and fulfil our fantasies.

“Hated In The Nation” is a bit weirder than other episodes. It includes robot bees, but the weirdest thing is that they actually exist. They do all kinds of things in farming and pollination.

Charlie Brooker either has a great imagination, or he’s a Time Lord and travelled back in time. Either way, there’s no doubt that “Black Mirror“ really nailed it with season 3.



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