AI Gains Support from the Government and Top Tech Companies

Artificial Intelligence is going to dominate the coming technological future. It has gained support from scholars and also from big corporates. The federal government of United States has recently announced its support for promoting the study  of AI. President Barack Obama’s administration believes that AI is one such positive field that can bring advancements in various sectors.

Sectors ranging from health, transportation, education to policing and imparting justice are believed to be benefitted through AI by the Obama administration.

In one of the reports released prior the White House Frontiers Conference, the Obama administration calls for long-term investments in AI research. It also urged the need to initiate a broad range of investigation into the ethics, security, and uses of AI.

The report further outlined the interest areas of the government for the implementation of AI. Policing and imparting justice is one such area.

The administration is emphasising on exploring how AI can bolster existing initiatives such as the Data Driven Justice and Police Data Initiative, both of which attempt to “provide law enforcement and the public with data that can better inform decision-making in the criminal justice system, while also taking care to minimize the possibility that AI might introduce bias or inaccuracies due to deficiencies in the available data,” reads the report.

The limitations with the current AI were also reported. The report further states that the government should also explore ways to improve the understanding of and uses of AI in key agencies, “For example, Federal agencies should explore the potential to create DARPA-like organizations to support high-risk, high-reward AI research and its application, much as the Department of Education has done.”

There is a need to ensure that the federal employees are familiar with the application and the impact of AI, opines the administration.

Experts and commenters who weighed in on the imposing regulation on AI suggested that existing regulations be adapted as necessary as they evolve to include AI systems. The government has invested $1.1 billion on unclassified R&D for AI systems in 2015 and is poised to spend a total of $1.2 billion in 2016.

Top corporates including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon are investing in the study of AI. The tech companies’ initiative is called the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society.



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