Google Maps stores all Tracking history in its Database

The onset of the internet and smart technology has made most of the people’s life public. Google has been tracking smartphone users. Travelling information is found to be stored up in google’s database.

Once a person switches on the location button either to book a cab or to post a picture on social media or using a GPS can land you at the most advanced system of scrutinization. No matter what the privacy settings are, if the location is switched on Google does not only trace the location of the individual it also stores the information regarding the location a person have been at. It’s only if we make an effort and check the location history do we come to know about it.

You can check your location history here:

Sign in with the google ID that you have been using on your smartphone and you can see yourself with a red dot on the map. You will be able to see records of everywhere you have been from day one of that month.

Some wise man has said that ‘Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty’. It seems google has been following this. Recent NSA snooping fiasco proved the fact that governments could accumulate people’s information without their consent. Technology development has made people’s lives easier. But, at the same time, it led governments and companies taking undue advantage of people’s information.

However, google had not made it a compulsion to track people. You can minimise your tracking by adhering to the following procedure below.

Disabling Tracking and Erasing past History:

Go to the google maps location history page and click the gear icon button to access history settings. You can check whether location history is enabled or not. You can disable the service there. Also, it must be remembered that disabling does not remove your past history.

Google generally saves tracking information for 30 days. For erasing the past location history, you have to access location history page. The default time period shows location history for the current day, hence, you may not see plots on the map. You could access 30 days history by using the pull-down menu below the calendar on the left. Below the calendar, you will see options to delete your history from the time period you have chosen or to delete all history.

Even though the tracking information is deleted, we can never know if that same information is being used by the government of the day. Hence, it is better if you turn off GPS as it disables tracking itself.



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