Anarcho-Transhumanism: Resisting Against Social Forces

Anarcho-Transhumanism as the term suggests aims at resisting against social forces that confine and restrain an individual effort to expand one’s creativeness and intelligibility.

It recognizes that social liberty has become interchangeable with material liberty at present and that freedom as a necessity to expand one’s capacities and opportunities so as to engage with the world around. Anarcho-transhumanism thereby aims at expanding human agency by resisting against any confinements that constraint individuals freedom.

Tools that are to be employed in the process are supposed to be openly knowable and infinitely customizable. There is no wide option of choice available in cases of birth control, regrown limbs and sexual reassignment. Anarcho-transhumanism is a struggle to live free.

A situation where individuals can choose what they want to be and what they want to do in life and when they want to do it. Therefore, anarcho-transhumanism envisions the idea of transcending the strictures of gender, genetics and all of past human experience wherever confinements were imposed.

Anarcho-transhumanism primarily questions the existing conditions which otherwise exercise control and in turn governs us. When there are tools available like anarcho-transhumanism to remove constraints and make our live free, it is important to use it. As freedom is something that every individual is entitled to.

It denotes attentive engagement with nature rather than destroying or submitting to it. It is regarded as the knowledge which believes that victory for the working class arise only when the means of production are owned by each worker.

It promotes proactive engagement with the environmental conditions that force hierarchy and inescapable collectivism. It identifies ways to free the society from the hierarchies of two-dimensional landscapes, to move our destructive infrastructures outside the biosphere and to eventually shake off sedentary civilization and take our place as hunter-gatherers between the stars.

It denotes cryptography —unbreakable channels of private communication added up into an unbreakable chain of ideas and knowledge. It tries to abolish public privacy by creating the world where actions we perform with one another are shareable and verifiable in an instant. This will enable the freedom to connect to anyone without any language barriers.

Anarcho-transhumanism is a combination of all these factors that work for freeing the society from constraints of any kind.



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