Water Seer: that Produces Water from Air through Condensation.

Water is the fundamental source of life. VICI-Labs, in collaboration with UC Berkeley and the National Peace Corps Association, has developed a new device, ‘Water Seer.’ Water Seer is a device that provides clean hygienic water from air by absorbing the moisture.

Despite it being the most important source of life, there are numerous people around the world who do not have access to clean water. Such people are prone to waterborne diseases, dehydration and other forms of diseases. With a vision to alleviate such water issues, Water Seer is developed.

Water Seer is designed with a simple mechanism so that it works in any kind of environment especially in a rural setup. It is designed to work without any external power input and without the need for costly chemicals or maintenance.

It works based on the principle of condensation using the temperature differences. The Water Seer device is planted about six feet below the surface of the ground. The metal sides of the underground chamber are cooled down by the surrounding soil.

The Wind spins the turbine, which in turn spins the fan- blades inside that channelise to condensation chamber. As the warmer air cools in the chamber, the water vapor condenses onto the sides, flowing down into the reservoir.

The water collected down in the reservoir are safe and clean. Such water can be collected through a simple hose and pump. The device is believed to produce up to 11 gallons per day, even in arid regions.

The designing of the device, Water Seer provides an added advantage. As the sides of the underground chamber are always cooler than the air that enters into the device, Water Seer can collect water both day and night even when there is no wind. It is this feature of Water Seer that distinguishes it from other devices working on similar lines.

The current model of WaterSeer is tested at the UC Berkeley Gill Tract Farm this spring and will be field-tested in collaboration with the National Peace Corps Association over the next 6 months, with the intent of shipping the finalized design within the next year.

The team at present is seeking crowd funding to support, WaterSeer ‘buy one give one’ model. The company is planning to offer one free device to the developing world for every purchase.

Source: http://waterseer.org/



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  1. Dr. Gary Rutledge

    Waterseer is a scam. It is impossible to work as claimed. It has already been debunked multiple times by physicists and engineers. The parent company apears to be a vapor-ware mill.

  2. Scott Larsen

    It can´t work. It will not be able to maintain the temperature difference to the ground as the ground will heat up. Since the ground temperature difference is only a seasonal phenomena it might only work in the Winter to spring season (cold to warmer) and will not work when the season go from warm to cold. Also the Dew Temperature is a function of altitude. It will have even a more difficult time condensing water at altitude as the dew temperature drops as you go higher up. There will not be enough temperature difference so that the machine can operated at below the dew temperature. Even if the temperature differential were large enough, soil is a poor conduction of heat and the heat needed to be extracted from the air can´t be conducted away fast enough and the ground will heat, destroying the temperature difference and bring the ground temp above the dew point.

    Don Zacherel at Vici-labs is only civil engineer and does not know enough about thermodynamics and heat transfer to know it is impossible to transfer the heat of vaporization to the ground in order to condense 11 gallons of water a day. They should have consulted a mechanical engineer with a degree instead of working with Freshmen and Sophomores at Berkeley who had not had the necessary course work yet. The National Peace Corps did nothing in the development. They have no engineers on staff that know anything about heat transfer and thermodynamics. The National Peace Corps will only test the device once the design is finished and will publish a report on how well it worked or didn´t work. They too could save a lot of time and not risk their reputation if they just consulted with a mechanical engineer.

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