Coradia iLint: A technological Breakthrough in Rail Transport System

Global warming is increasing at alarming rates and it is important to take a significant action towards environmental protection in all possible fields. Alstom took a positive step towards protecting the environment by developing Coradia iLint. Coradia iLint is a rail that emits just water and minimal noise. It can be considered as a major breakthrough in rail transport.

Alstom is one of the first manufacturers worldwide to develop a passenger train based on such an approach.

Conventional regular rails mostly use diesel to operate passenger service on non-electrified networks. While Alstom offers a CO2 emission free regional train and a silent alternative. Coradia iLint is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, which emits only water vapour. Moreover, it operates with lowest noise levels. Coradia iLint is special for its combination of different innovative elements. These include clean energy conversion, flexible storage capacity, and smart energy management.

The principle relies on a fuel cell which produces electric power. It forms the core of the system. The fuel cells are supplied by a combination of hydrogen and oxygen from ambient air inside. The fuel cell then produces the electric energy needed to supply the vehicle.

The efficiency of the system also relies on the storage of energy in a high-performance lithium-ion battery. The accumulated energy is not immediately used for the later supply which is needed. This results in a better efficiency of the fuel consumption.

Alstom also designed a smart power energy management system in order to instantaneously deliver power where ever needed in the train. Thereby, it enables independence of the vehicle. The electrical energy produced by the fuel cell is intelligently managed. Thereby, it matches the range of similar conventional regional trains but with really no impact on the environment.

It is easy for operators because Alstom provides a complete offer consisting of the train itself, its maintenance and also whole hydrogen infrastructure. Alstom is developing Coradia iLint in partnership with renowned German companies with many years of experience in the fields of hydrogen energy and batteries

The management of Alstom claims that the synergy around Coradia iLint allows them to introduce in the near future as early as 2018. First Coradia iLint will be available for service in Germany.

With Coradia iLint, a technological breakthrough, Alstom is taking a considerable step towards a rail of tomorrow.



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