Artificial Intelligence that can Feel Emotions is, on the Verge of Making

The present world is marked by the major and numerous incredible achievements by humans. A rapidly growing technological capabilities is one such achievement humans have accomplished. Artificial Intelligence is a groundbreaking innovation in the transhumanist studies. The emotional feelings that humans have make them distinct from other creatures and also from the Artificial Intelligence. However, this fact is soon going to change. Professor Alexi Samsonovich, a Russian AI expert has recently revealed that Russia is “on the verge” of creating thinking and feeling robots.

The announcement was made during the 2016 Annual International Conference on Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures (BICA) in New York City. Talking about the  details Samsonovich pointed to free thinking machines capable of feeling and understanding human emotions. Also understanding narratives and thinking in those narratives, as well as being capable to actively learn on their own.

However, the specifications of the AI advances Russia is taking up have not been specified by Samsonovich. He mentioned that more funding will be required to complete it in few year.

Samsonovich maintained to hide the specification even in his interview with Digital Trends. Nevertheless, he shared his extensive ideas and thoughts on AI. He mentioned that with the recent uptick in the number of publications on AI as well as the money invested by governments and companies toward development will make new things possible “…a machine [is] capable of feeling human emotions and exhibiting human-level socially emotional intelligence in a variety of settings.”

It is not be mistaken here that AI attaining an ability to feel emotions with raising consciousness among AI. He believes that consciousness is not a worthwhile goal to achieve since it cannot be validated on anybody other than oneself. Instead, he sees a future with robots that have different behavior and internal organization. “When you will see this kind of behavior (human-like feelings) exhibited consistently over time in many circumstances and without occasional ‘presence breaks’ … you will believe that this entity is alive and is in a social contact with you, and you will interact with it accordingly.”




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