Artificial Intelligence: Asteria a new pocket mobile with all new invention

In today’s digital world with innovative developments and advancements, technology has  transferred the entire spectrum into an imaginary space of progress. This ultimately made a much convenient and flexible to human sphere.

Much awaited is the concept of Real Artificial Intelligence developed in a new ray of smartphones and operating systems. This concept evolves all of us into a techno mantra of how we feel, how we talk, how we connect and communicate. It is well observed in devices such as Siri,Cortana, and Alexa but these are not to the benchmark when compared to AI in ‘Her’ movie. Still, these artificial characters help us to connect to the devices more personally.

But AI in today’s world is still a daydream because the kind of technology used is not fulfilled to  the new advancements. As we can see in the movie ‘Her’ which released in 2013 plots around the story of love and attachment between Man and Samantha which is an intelligent operating system.Scarlett Johansson has voiced this intelligent super humanoid character, though she was a computerized machine with a human appearance, she was felt all real and connected through the lines of human emotions and features.

Samantha was so similar and close to human space that she walked like we do, she talked like we do, she felt like we feel. The other side of this whole idea is that nothing in today’s technology leap has shown same innovation and advancement with that of Samantha in ‘Her’ so there is a need to urge for development in this particular area. So, in order to connect to this, Nathan Ross and Dan Gailey has opened a new arena all this way to introduce Asteria, a complete hardware device into Artificial Intelligent bot. The special ability is that it helps you to find whatever you like to deserve, nonetheless the place, food, and habits.

The main spotlight of Asteria is to know how you feel and how you reflect.The main intention of this invention ‘Asteria’ a hand filled device, to reflect the complete feature pack of Samantha so as to become the part of our everyday life. It is seen that Asteria is only the way of building the foundation for personal Artificial Intelligence.





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