The human enhancements that could be commonplace in 50 years

The world today is running at jet speed. There is so much happening at fraction of second all over the world. Above all , humans are achieving great heights in technological fields. The things which were confined to imagination once are in reality today. The recent discovery where virtual reality is transcended into the actual reality stands evidential to the pace at which technology is marching ahead. The World Economic Forum has recently stated that the human enhancements could be a commonplace in 50 years. Human enhancements require complex studies and results with accuracy. Hence 50 years so not so long to realise such goals.

The numerous human enhancements that are already a reality and are yet to be made are as follows.

A human brain contains roughly about 100 billion neurons equivalent to 100 trillion terabytes. Memory chips implanted in the brain could scale this exponentially. Microchip implants could make people machine readable, allow in body data storage, and facilitate better security. Implanted artificial intelligence devices could help one’s brain to make better and smarter choices. Thereby enabling better decision making;

Bionic eyes: Not only could this give blind people vision but it could give all of us supervision.

Smart skin: wearable integrated circuits have already been trailed in the united states. This could be used in hospitals with nurses being able to monitor patients remotely.

Designer babies: couples in the united States can already use preimplantation genetic diagnosis to choose their baby’s sex and eye colour.

Exoskeletons and bionic limbs: Militaries are working exoskeletons to give soldiers superhuman endurance and strength.

Gene therapy / RNA interference: By removing genes that code for certain metabolic proteins scientists have bred mice that stay slim no matter how much junk food they eat.

Nita A Farahany, Duke University, USA, ”I think we want to create a society in which from my perspective you are able to enhance but it isn’t a prerequisite for participating in the society to enhance in certain ways.”



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