AeroFarms: that Grow Plants and Herbs Indoor without Soil and Sunlight.

Food production is to play a crucial role, no matter what century we are living in. Primarily, because it is the source of living, without which life on earth is implausible. The alarming issue in recent times, global warming and its effects on agriculture have made the situation worse. So as to come up with a solution for the same a team of researchers at AeroFarms have come up with an idea of indoor farming that uses no soil, sunlight to grow plants.

AeroFarms grows plants in an old 69,000 square-foot factory in Newark, New Jersey. It grows leafy plants and herbs using no soil, pesticides, or sunlight. Most importantly, it uses just 5% of the water that is used in conventional outdoor farming.

AeroFarms controls temperature and humidity enabling the plants to grow in a seasonless and timeless environment. The company refers to this process as a “patented growing algorithm.”

It uses rows of light emitting diodes or LED’s to provide the plants the exact wavelength of light each needs to thrive. The nutrients are directly misted into the plant’s roots. Unlike the conventional practice, the company uses a white fabric instead of soil to grow plants. The white fabric is  made from recycled water bottles.

In an interview with Reuters, Co-founder, and Chief Marketing Officer Marc Oshima notes that, by producing crops indoors, AeroFarms can grow plants in a far more superior method than outdoor farming (and also, aquaponics and hydroponics). Indeed, according to him, it is capable of producing 75% more than its counterparts.

Oshima says, “We think of ourselves as plant whisperers, listening and observing everything we can do to optimize our plants. Our growing approach is really leading the way, marrying biology, engineering, and data science.”

Such indoor production of plants and herbs is changing the way food is produced. It is ought to make remarkable changes to the food industry. Especially because it uses minimal water and is risk-free.

The goal of AeroFrams as they claim is to provide locally sourced food to the community by producing two million pounds of leafy greens a year—such as kale, watercress, and basil. As a next step battling world hunger is the ultimate goal of this venture.

Aerofarms founder David Rosenberg says, “I think we are going to have a bigger and bigger impact on leafy greens and other crops in the future. And the future is going to be very different, in large part because of data.”




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