Transparent Aluminum Sheet that can Replaces Fragile Glass

Mankind today has been progressive in each and every concept of development and innovation. The changes in science and technology have become an expression of wonder and amusement. Which were once a thought of imagination have now become a reality. “Transparent Aluminum” is one such product that has been invented through the new techniques of progressive science.

Transparent Aluminum which had been seen as reel product in Star Trek : The Voyage Home (1986), is now real in the market scenario. Thanks to US Naval Research Laboratory scientist Dr. Jas Sanghera for making this possible. Dr. Jas Sanghera described it as “actually a mineral, it’s magnesium aluminate” which will boast the existence of protection.

This new unique product is stronger, tougher and harder than glass. Therefore making a way for protection and durability advantage. The composition and preparation of this Transparent Aluminum are all about a thin layer of spinel (a hard glassy mineral chiefly consist of magnesium and aluminum) which is equipped to deliver a better level of performance when compared to that of glass. The striking advantage is that it provides an effective protection as in more hostile environments, thus it can withstand in the rain as well as sand erosion. Auxiliary to the above uses, this can be used as a bulletproof glass.

Furthermore, the manufacturing process of Transparent Aluminum has been described by this following technique. The powder is kept in a hot press, then it is slowly processed by pressing under vacuum. Later this powder is squashed together to get rid of all entrapped air inside. Finally, a clear looking glass appears. Nevertheless, before leaving the sheet to get pressed, it will be grounded and polished so as to design a fine transparent film made of magnesium aluminate.

The innovation of Transparent Aluminum is ought to result in the replacement of fragile glass. In near future, Transparent Aluminum might even replace mobile screens.



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