Rank Brain: A New Search Engine Software by Google

The Internet has become the new face of life in contemporary times. Google has been the top search engine in recent times. It has made most of our lives on planet Earth an easy task. One could hit anything on google and get  answers. There are few instances where Google might come up with ‘no results found.’ Google is doing its part to remove those few instances too. Google is developing a new search engine software called Rank Brain.

Rank Brain is search engine software that uses artificial intelligence to understand what the user is searching. When the user inputs something that the algorithm might not decipher directly, Rank Brain comes to application. As Bloomberg understands, Rank Brain can make a guess as to what words or phrases have similar meaning and filter the result accordingly.

Rank Brain is rooted in machine learning. It thereby uses mathematical processes and an advanced understanding of language semantics. This enables it to learn more about how and why people search, and apply those conclusions to future search results. Such a software can enable a search engine to be a personalised virtual assistant.

Rank Brain can update itself over time. While the present Google search engine is  pre-programmed to respond to certain situations in a specific, pre-determined way.

According to Bloomberg article, Rank Brain can actually be considered a new ranking signal. And as far as ranking signals go, this one is the third most important in determining the eventual rank of a given page. Because Google is very secretive about the precise mechanics of its ranking algorithm. We thereby have no idea what the top two ranking signals are, or what the other most important ranking signals are.

Google’s newly developing Rank Brain is ought to transform the way web searching is being carried out. Google has to an extent started using Rank Brain through Google.



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