An AI, IBM Watson Produces a Trailer for the Movie Morgan

Artificial Intelligence is the new face of rapid technological advancements of today. Artificial intelligence like humans is able to perform numerous activities ranging from basic things to nursing. A further step has been taken to prove the immense potentialities Artificial Intelligence has to offer. A team of researchers at IBM has come up with  IBM Watson an AI. Watson has made a trailer for  a movie Morgan within a short period of time. This is extremely remarkable in the field of transhumanism as its unfolding the level of creativity AI has.

Watson was challenged by the 20th Century Fox entertainment group. The Fox group asked Watson to create a trailer for its movie to be released ‘Morgan.’ IBM built Watson has come up with a set of top scenes from the movie to be included in a trailer. Watson has proved its capabilities by winning the hearts of both the movie team and audiences for giving a great trailer.

Morgan is a sci-fi horror film. It unravels the darker side of AI through the character Morgan who is an artificial being. The story takes an interesting twist as Morgan kills one of her creators. It is extremely interesting in this context where Watson an AI comes up with a trailer for the film featuring an AI.

The research team at IBM Watson had the AI analyze 100 trailers of other horror movies. The AI used statistical methods to tag scenes within each trailer, drawing upon labels from a list of 24 emotions and 22,000 scene categories.

John Smith explained that “Watson was able to model the scene visually to determine, was the scene scary? Was it a tender moment? Was there sadness or happiness.” John Smith is an  IBM Fellow and Manager. Smith further added that “The system now ‘understands’ the types of scenes that categorically fit into the structure of a suspense/horror movie trailer.”

IBM Watson AI took around 24 hours to come up with the top scenes to be included in a trailer. Which is considerably less, as it takes around 10 to 30 days to produce the same for humans.






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