Drone Vehicle: Traveling through clouds, avoiding traffic

Almost everyone on this planet loves to fly high in the sky like birds. Most importantly, anyone has to deal with heavy traffic in the contemporary busy work life definitely wishes for it. With the immense technological advancements that the world has to offer, this is no longer a distant dream. A company, Airbus through the Vahana project has started working actively to design drones. A drone would enable the users to fly. The causation for this idea is to avoid the congestion woes that the urban living owes to offer.

Airbus is an innovation company set up in Silicon Valley. Airbus is however not the only company working on designing drones. Ehang has been cleared to test its 184 taxi drone in Nevada and Volocopter made its first manned flight in April this year.

Airbus’s Vahan project is still in infancy. It has begun its work only in this February. The end of 2017 is scheduled for the flight testing. Airbus also has teams based in Germany and France developing a helicopter style “City Airbus” to carry multiple passengers.  Lessons learnt from the challenges faced while developing City Airbus are going to help in designing Vahan project.

Description of the drone, designed by Airbus is yet to be revealed. Airbus Project Executive Rodin Lyasoff says “many of the technologies needed, such as batteries, motors, and avionics are most of the way there.” The only major thing to be built is the software while the hardware is all set. Reliable systems are only just finding their way into cars, and Lyasoff says making them work in autonomous aircraft is “one of the bigger challenges [the team] aims to resolve as early as possible.”

Lyasoff says “In as little as ten years, we could have products on the market that revolutionize urban travel for millions of people.”




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