Brain: A Search Engine Programmed with Artificial Intelligence

The internet has transformed the way of obtaining information. Search engines play a crucial role in the process of collecting information. The present innovations and technological advancements have brought a new face to the internet. Jerry Yue has designed a new search engine Brain, which uses artificial intelligence.

Jerry Yue has become famous for his earlier startup, provided the Chinese food delivery service. While Yue is working on, he spent his leisure time tinkering with robots and programming. At present Jerry Yue is on his path to launch Brain in the US. Yue has already raised nearly $1.5 million funds from an influential Chinese investor. Yue is all set to start it with the help of the young team of engineers from China’s top engineering college in Beijing.

The team of engineers claims that they have used artificial intelligence to develop an advanced algorithm. A search engine, Brain would provide the most accurate information without the need to go to search results. The brain will work as a virtual personal assistant to each user. The brain takes into account what each person does and what they want to do in future besides, the basic profile of users. Based on the profile, Brain creates a set of data sets, which it attaches with a social platform. Brain thereby enables users with similar interests to connect on a social platform.

Jerry Yue claims Brain as just the beginning. In future Yue wants to see Brain to serve as a compliment to user’s mind. Yue explains that “At a high level… if Google is a search engine, this is an ambition engine.”

The brain is already answering questions on Quora with utmost accuracy. Proves the level of efficiency with which Brain is ought to work.

Brain, when comes into practice, is set to change the way humans consume information on the internet. Brain despite saving time provides most accurate information.




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