We All Live in the Developing World: Micah Redding

Evolution is a never-ending process. Arriving at civilisation is not an end to human progress. With constant innovations and creations, there comes another era of civilisation. The primary purpose, thereby, is a continuous evolution for better. The present connotations like ‘developed’ and ‘developing’ being used in the context of describing countries are problematic.

Micah Redding speaks on the similar topic at TedX event in the Cayman Islands. The title he gave to his talk was, ‘We all live in the developing world.’  He starts off by explaining the game- follow the leader. The main lead among the participants of the game does some crazy stuff, which others have to mimic. Micah uses this activity to explain how the countries which are tagged as ‘developing’ are in a push to follow the footsteps of the ’developed’ countries, so as to attain the status, ‘developed’.

Micah Redding claims that the idea of being developed hinders the growth of a nation, any further. This is mainly because the idea of developed denotes that the society has reached the final stage of development and has accomplished everything that is there to achieve. He further claims that none have the right to end the history. The main area of contention is, however, that the nations which are developing are often traumatised to follow the progress path of developed countries.

The developing countries only following the developed model would be unsustainable. There is a high probability of the system collapsing, in such cases. Micah asserts that the problems are contextual, so does solutions for those problems. Hence, it is possible only for the people of the respective nations to formulate a solution for the problems and issues that the country face.

There are numerous challenges and opportunities that our world is facing. The only way to overcome these problems is to make use of the opportunities with constant innovations. It is at our disposal to make the world much better. First, step towards realising this goal is to understand that no society is developed and that every nation is still developing.
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