Tracing Back the Roots of All Elements to Stars

Tracing the roots of everything that exists on this planet ranging from atmosphere to the deepest oceans, is an interesting study. All the chemical elements that constitute almost everything that exists, including the human body, claims its origin from The Big Bang, Cosmic Rays, Large Stars, Small Stars, Supernovae, and Man-Made labs. The line which says, ‘Humans made of stardust’ stands true.

The carbon, like oxygen in our bodies, is produced by the nuclear fusion in the interior of stars. While, Iron is the product of supernovae explosions.

It does not end here, everything on Earth including the most valuable things like Gold is a product of such a process. Gold formed from neutron stars during cosmic collisions, collisions that may have been visible as short-duration gamma-ray bursts here on Earth.

The Periodic table is a table of all chemical elements present on this planet, Earth.These chemicals are arranged in order of their atomic numbers. The arrangement is such that, elements with similar atomic structure are placed vertically, one below the other.stars
In the periodic table above, the elements are colored depicting the source from which it has been produced. The sources of elements include The Big Bang, Cosmic Rays, Large Stars, Small Stars, Supernovae, and Man-Made labs. Hydrogen and Helium are the only chemical elements formed through Big Bang. While the ones formed by Cosmic rays include: Lithium, Beryllium, and Boron.

The periodic table that we have now is not the first one. In the early stages, there were less number of elements known, because of the lack of technology and advanced sciences to detect them. However, with the course of time and with advancements in technology, scientists have been able to come up with the present periodic table.

Scientists believe that the natural chemical elements are almost found. They thereby claim that if any additions have to be made to the periodic table, only when scientists invent new elements in the lab.



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