Buy Me Once: Eco-Friendly and Economic Efficient

The size of the Earth is still the same in the 21st century and will be thereafter. With the rapid increase in the population of the world, there is a greater need to use resources efficiently. Ironically, the 21st century is marked for new fashions and objects with changing times, despite the urgency to manage resources well. It is in this context, ‘Buy Me Once’ is gaining attention and support from various eco- friendly groups and also from everyone, who loves to save nature and money.

Buy Me Once is founded by Tara Button. It is a place where one can find things that last a lifetime. The idea of buy me once stroke Tara as she was surveying her kitchen. ‘That’s what gave me the idea’, she says. ‘I thought to myself a day last year when I was washing up, I will have this for life – wouldn’t it be great if everything else in my kitchen was like that? You buy it once and you never have to buy it again.’

Tara further explained that ‘Every time I read something about the environment, I would get this guilty feeling that I wasn’t doing anything. I kept thinking, if people did buy things that were built to last it would have such a positive impact – both economically and environmentally.’

All these factored into the creation of ‘Buy Me Once.’ The products at Buy Me Once are the right choice for two reasons. The products at Buy Me Once comes with a tag of either lifetime guarantee or a recyclable option. Such products thereby help in reducing land fillings. They are therefore eco- friendly. The other one is that they are economically efficient in the long run. There is no need to spend money again and again on the same product.

These added advantages have got Tara a great support in taking Buy Me Once initiative further. The movement against ‘planned obsolescence’, across the European Union and Jigsaw’s “For life not landfill” campaign, are few of the movements that share the similar idea. Yachtswoman Ellen Macarthur is also campaigning towards a circular economy instead of ‘make use and dispose of.’

A nationally representative survey conducted by Wrap, who campaign for a sustainable resource-efficient economy, showed that half of all consumers would be willing to pay extra for products that are advertised to last longer. This survey reveals that there are several customers who feel like Tara as far as resources are concerned.

Tara is currently in quest of manufacturers who share the similar ideas. She added that ‘one of my hopes is for ‘Buy Me Once’ to become a ‘kite mark’ of longevity. So manufacturers would be able to say ‘This is a Buy Me Once kettle’ or ‘This is our Buy Me Once furniture range’, That would be amazing.

Buy Me Once has started off at the right time and is a great step towards making the Earth safe from both environment and economic point of view.




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