Intuitive Sense of Magnetic Field: North Sense

Transhumanism is the new face of biotechnology. A human now has much more to do than being a human. In that process, technology is what enables a human to go beyond. There have been various ongoing studies on developing instruments that enable transhumanism. One such study has been made by an international team of technologists and body hackers known as Cyborg Nest.

Liviu Babitz, CEO of the Cyborg Nest have explained that “The main aim of Cyborg Nest is to help as many people as possible to become cyborgs by extending their senses.” “Cyborg would give humans more time to use their existing senses by removing tasks which would otherwise require attention”.

Cyborg Nest has introduced its first ever implant product- North Sense. It provides another perception to reality. It is a miniature artificial sense, coated in the highest quality body- compatible materials. It starts vibrating each time it faces the magnetic north.

North Sense gives one a sense of navigation, which is a natural phenomenon in some animals. Animals possess a sense of navigation due to their ability to detect a magnetic field. With the help of North Sense, humans would now need no compass. Hikers can keep course on themselves without a compass. Divers can know in what direction they are heading, without looking at the compass. North Sense is no tool, but will be a part of one’s body and forms intuitive sense.

Babitz, claims that it can not be simply seen as a compass. He stated that, “when you have the notion where north is, different maps will start building in your life.” The team at Cyborg Nest believes that North Sense will add a different experience to life. Today one is experiencing a moment through eyes, ears, smell and other senses. Owning North Sense will add to it a new aspect – it enables one’s orientation with Earth’s magnetic field, one of the most important forces in nature. Thereby, it ensures humans to experience a new type of memories and life moments with maps.

The gadget is currently on preorder for about $360, with 2,000 initial units to be released in September, according to Babitz.

North Sense is a step towards becoming a Cyborg. Being a Cyborg is now not a vision but a choice, as Cyborg Nest claims.




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