Solar Cells Lighter than Soap Bubble thin as Paper

Solar cells have become the sought after source of energy in contemporary times. A pile of solar cells constitute solar panels. Solar cells capture sunlight and converts it into electricity, by a constant physical and chemical phenomena.

Solar panels are being used widely to power space stations and satellites. However, the solar panels require huge initial capital investment and large spaces to install. Nevertheless, with advancement in technology there have been more efficient, accessible and affordable solar panels available.

solar cells

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA has in its recent study revealed a path breaking technique through which super thin solar cells can be made. These solar cells are so thin and light that they can be placed on soap bubble, without it bursting. This enables the solar panels to be used on small gadgets and even on clothing. Solar panels would then be conveniently accessible and thereby, resulting in increase of the usage. Hence, making a better option to turn eco- friendly.

MIT researchers claim that it can be added on any existing materials, making it handy. These are made of thin layer of parylene (10th the thickness of cling- wrap) combined with DBP. While the earlier solar panels are made up of glass. It is produced without the use of harsh chemicals, unlike the earlier ones. Consequently, they are constructed inside vacuum at room temperature.

The study has a path breaking consequence, as now the solar panels does not use much space for its installation. They can now be anywhere and everywhere, to produce energy. It might take an year to put the experiment into application. However, the study of MIT researchers prove that, this is one of a revolution in the production of energy field. In a nutshell this study leads to a clean and green energy production and consumption.



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