Merging with Technology : Transhumanism, A New Era

“Man is to be surpassed. He is a bridge, not a destination.” – Nietzsche

Evolution is the essence of everything that exists in the world, in fact of this universe. Creations made by humans and humans themselves including nature are subject to change with course of time. Inventions made by humans are ought to have an impact on humans, which changes the human lifestyle itself. Transhumanism is the new onset in this direction which is to bring major changes in the human lives.

Transhumanism is a theory that believes that the humans can evolve beyond their present physical and mental conditions, especially through science and technology. Such a theory presumes that humans are a means towards something rather than being the end in themselves. Transhumanism enables humans to realise their potentialities beyond all physical restrictions (biological parts). Transhumanism, an integration of science and technology, besides having an impact on human beings, also impacts environment and nature. Transhumanism thereby, enables the evolution of not just humankind but society as a whole, paving a way towards the new era of civilisation.

Technology, something that humans use externally to perform an activity, is soon going to be inside the human body, which further enables a human to perform a task with precision and in less time. The Technological singularity is the extreme level of transhumanism where a computer is made superior to humans by developing brain like system. Such technological advancements being created by humans can pose a threat to humans themselves, in the long run.

Any form of evolution is possible only with the presence of the factor, adaptability. As Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Technological advancements are an epitome of such an existential factor. Transhumanism is the next era where humans adapt technology within themselves, creating a new dawn in the history of humankind.



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