In Love with AI Robot

Technological advancements and developments have made the job of the human beings much comfortable and convenient. People are guided and assisted by the technology no matter what the need is. It is now, no wonder to see human-like creatures- Robots performing the tasks of humans, just the way humans does. Robots with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new dawn in the history of technological advancements. In Japan, there are already Robots being extensively used to provide care to the elderly.

Technology has become so integrated into humans lives that, there is a high possibility of interaction between Robots and people. Robots with artificial intelligence (AI) have specially developed ‘deep learning’ which enables the artificial neural networks installed, to train themselves and to develop their skills without human intervention. The neural system operated by the brain in people is the key factor in developing feelings and emotions. Similarly, the artificial neural system in AI Robots allows them to develop feelings towards others.

Human beings who are driven by compassion might get attracted to such Robots with AI, as these robots are capable of understanding and feel empathetic towards others, as humans do. Besides, there are fewer chances of people ending up in messy relationships, as BBC also claims.

Science- fiction movies have used the similar concepts and have portrayed the possibility of such events. ‘Her’ (2013) is one of such films, where the male lead- Theodore of the movie falls in love with the computer operating system- Samantha, personified with a female voice. Eminent Sci-Fi author Arthur C. Clark writes in Odyssey Two: “Whether based on carbon or silicon makes no fundamental difference; we should each be treated with appropriate respect.”  In the words of, Alex Garland, director of  ‘Ex Machina’ (2015), “ If you had a beautiful machine that you found aesthetically pleasing and it was sentient, why not? Fall in love, Sure.”

Such a fascinating invention made by humans ought to change human life itself, where an AI Robot and a human can fall in love with each other.



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