A shower that makes one Feel Elated: Seoul Stone Head Shower

Relax, revitalise and rejuvenate with natural spring like water at the comfort of your home. Seoul Stone’s shower head is made just to serve this purpose. It comes with three different modes- massage, cleansing and relaxing.

In the contemporary times marked by pollution, tap water contains chlorine and bacteria, which often becomes the primary cause for damaged hair and skin. Three layers of mineralized stones placed in Seoul Stone shower helps transform dull tap water into natural spring like water restoring the balance to hair and body, by leaving a feathery touch and hydrated skin. Most importantly, it is the black Germanium Stones which plays a crucial role in transforming the tap water into natural spring-like water.


Seoul Stone’s shower head have 250 water jets with laser perforated outlet technology which further allows one to rejuvenate by creating a high-pressure water flow with a gentle touch. Simultaneously, reducing water consumption up to 35 percent in comparison to other standard hand showers.


Seoul Stone transforms itself according to the needs of its users. Everybody needs relaxation in the stressful days, Seoul stone is at one’s rescue then, while at the comfort of one’s home. It has an option of massage, which when activated produces sharp streams of water, that would vanish all pains and aches. It is also possible to indulge oneself in the luxury of Spa by enabling jet on Seoul Stone shower head. This option allows high-pressure water outlet with a gentle touch, thereby helping revitalise. If it is serenity one is looking for, rainfall is the option one have to opt. This option leaves the users with a rainfall- like projections of water, where one could find peace!

Besides all the great advantages Seoul Stone shower head offers, it takes another step in making the work of its user much easy. The installation of a shower can be made in less than two minutes as it fits in any standard size hose.



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