SuperMeat – REAL meat, without hurting creatures

Let’s just be realistic about world’s meat-eating habits, we can’t stop eating them. How about having our favorite meat without actually hurting animals? Great isn’t it.Presenting RealMeat, the product we have today after years of research by the award winning biomedical engineer Prof. Yaakov Nahmias of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.They have found out a system to produce cultured meat. That implies developing REAL meat, non GMO, and without anti-infective agents and machines.

How it works

The Tech allows to expand cells isolated from a little tissue biopsy, taken without harming the creatures. These cells are then organized into minuscule tissues and placed them in a unique environment that is designed to perfectly mimic for animal physiology. This allows the small tissue to organically grow into large muscles, more like they do in nature!

The tech is easy to use and hence allowed for local production or distributive manufacturing. They can be easily placed in local supermarkets, restaurants, even at home.

What’s the use? A Different direction

Now most of us would think how it can affect our lives and make it useful. Well, here are a few points we should know to see the different angle:

  • Cultured meat uses 99% less land, emits up to 96% less greenhouse gases, 96% less water than the meat industry today, which directly or indirectly protecting our Earth from the effect of global warming.
  • Secondly, SuperMeat will help solve world hunger. As the fastest growing population is consuming the limited resources we have with us, we are moving each step closer towards extinction.
  • Thirdly, SuperMeat will be healthier than the conventional meat as we supervise the production.
  • Fourth and not the least, the cost of SuperMeat is going to be a lot cheaper than conventional meat we have today as culturing meat and then mass producing it is way cheaper than feeding and maintaining the animals.

Concluding in a nutshell, we saw how we can change the way of meat production, without actually hurting animals. Checked the causes and dealt with global warming issues. And how can we contribute towards ending world hunger!

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