Waterloo welcomes CTRL V

The revolution in the gaming is amazing. The first game was in black and white and it was way so simple. As time passes, the revolution in the gaming industry has taken place. More and more companies are getting attached to this industry and the existing ones are improving continuously. A popular game could earn 7 to 8 times extra as compared to any popular Hollywood movie.

Revolution of Consoles

With the new consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the gaming industry is moving towards more real than before. The graphics and the gameplay of the games are continuously improving and companies are working really hard to provide more real experience for the players than before.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one step taken to provide more real experience for the players. Players wear VR glasses and find themselves in the virtual world of the game. Now players feel that they are in the game and perform tasks as the main character of the game all by themselves. There are still many things lacking in the virtual reality as well and so much more work is required.


CTRL V is the whole new level of virtual reality. CTRL V is the specially designed place which is minutes’ drive away from the University of Waterloo. CTRL V is the place for the virtual reality players. If you play virtual reality games at home, you may find yourself hitting a wall. CTRL V is your place, which is specially designed for such games, the place is designed according to the maps of VR games. So when you play games here, you find yourself in the game and there are not going to be any head hitting on the wall unless you hit your head on the wall of the game. It provides more real experience to the users than ever before.

For more information, you can also check:http://www.ctrlv.ca/



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