Now you can hide your smart home with the help of the Darknet

The technology has progressed a lot. Everyone is covered with technology and people are getting used to it. It is becoming necessary for the people to adopt recent technology and trends for their living if they want to be secure.

Security problem with recent tech

In this modern era of life, people are monitoring their things from their mobile devices. Even if you are not at home, you have the control over all the devices in the home. You have control over the security camera of the home and view all the activities happening in the home. Just like that, you have control over all the electronics present in the home.

For such technology, proper security is also required. In the past, it has been that many hackers had hacked different people email accounts using their refrigerator. I mean, who wants his email got hacked by the refrigerator and so the proper security is required for such technology.


Tor has provided the solution of all such problems. Tor is famous for their services, they provide proper security to the person over the internet and so people could not access the personals. The solution provided by the company is amazing and so helping people in their daily life.

Darknet by Tor

Recently, they have introduced Darknet which provide proper security to you in your connection with your home appliances through the internet. All you need to do Is, place Tor minicomputer device in your home and the special software created by Tor creates a connection between you and your devices with full security.

The special code has been assigned to the user and when he enters the code, only then he has access to his belongings. So no hacker will hack your home appliances and your emails anymore.

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