Neo: The upcoming documentary about transhumans

In the recent, many people are talking about better humans or transhumans. There are different movements in the progress in the favor of transhumans. People wanted to be better and use better for themselves. There are people who are against such movements.


The upcoming documentary Neo is in the eye of every person, who has even the slightest interest in the transhumans. Transhumans are mechanically engineered people or the people who are disabled and use machines to fulfil their needs.

Interview of Rob D. Miller and the co-director Douglisio DiMuccio

In the interview, the directors of the upcoming documentary has told that the documentary is not taking side of different movement but will talk about the potential of the human. He said, in the documentary, he and his team will show the potential of the human being. Where are we now? What is our potential? The answer to all these questions will be answered in the documentary.

Potential of Human Beings

Rob and Douglisio further added that science has progressed a lot and we are not fully aware of this reality. So this documentary is the attempt to tell people where the world stands today in the field of human science. He said, we are not living in the terminator world anymore, we are living in the world where anyone could be much better than the terminator.

The word science fiction is now just a word. In the Hollywood, directors show science fiction things and we create them to prove them wrong. Anything is possible today, told by the director.


The institute for ethics and emerging technologies and many different institutes or companies are funding this documentary but the project needs more funds. The production of the documentary will start from 1st week of August in California. As it will be shown in Global Innovator Conference this September and so more funds are required, said by the director.

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