How to turn as android smartphone into a PC

Your smartphone is your computer, you can check your mails on it. You can play different games on it. You socially interact with your family and friends using these smartphone. But the question is, is it possible to turn your smartphone into a PC? The answer of the question is yes! You can now turn your smartphone into a PC.

A few years ago, Motorola tried this concept and only after 18 months, the project dies. The Microsoft window is trying to do the same, but the market of their phones may not allow them to succeed as well. When it comes to Mac, they are not going to attempt such a thing and so you only found one platform who can do this and that is android.

Kickstarter Campaign

The new kickstarter campaign is all about making that dream into a reality. The campaign is about making turning smartphones in the PC. The first step taken in the campaign is the release of Andronium OS. The app is available on the Google play store and people could use it to turn smartphones into PC.


There are some basic requirements to fulfil in order to turn your phone into a PC. First, you need smartphone who has 2GB RAM or more. The processor should be snapdragon 800 and above to make all this happen. You should have a USB mouse and keyboard to turn your monitor into a PC.

Price and Release Date

The next step is the super book kickstarter which will be released in 2017. The price of this laptop like device starts from only $99. You can attach your smartphones with this super book which is specially designed for this purpose and perform all the tasks of the smartphone on your PC.

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