First cloud-based Computer, Shadow

Cloud computing is in the eyes of everyone. People use cloud computing for different functions. There are different applications, which people like to run on their systems, but their system doesn’t have the capacity or tools to run these applications. In order to run these applications, people take the help of the cloud computer, but there is no proper cloud computer available for the people till now.

Starting of the new Era

The French company, Blade has now introduced the concept of the proper cloud computer. People could use these cloud computers as their own. All the functions of the computers will be available on this cloud computer. Users switch back to their original systems as well as they use these cloud computers.


Shadow is the name of these cloud computers and it will be released soon. It is the solution for all the PC gamer. People who like to play games on the PC, this cloud computing is specially designed for them. It is usually seen that after every 2 or 3 years, your system turns old and doesn’t have the power to run new games. So be ready, shadow is the solution of this problem for you.


According to the developers, the speed of the internet in the world at the moment is great. We could use it in a better way, so we have developed shadow for the users. You can enjoy, all the latest games on your computer even if you don’t have requirements to run the latest game. All you need is a decent internet connection and then you can experience all the latest game in your system, using shadow.

Shadow is a revolution in the cloud computing and good news for all the PC gamers of the world. Now people could their favorite games on their systems as well.

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