Storing data on the atomic scale

The electronic devices are becoming part of every single human being on the planet. People use different devices to store their data. Some store their data on their hard drive and some use services of the cloud storage to store their data. There are different cloud service provider who provides data storage services to the customers. With the passage of time, more and more people are taking the assistance of cloud storage. So more data have been stored on the storage.

In order to meet the need of the customers, there should be more storage houses are needed to build. It is quite simple, as the amount of the data increases, companies need to increase the space for this data as well. The researchers of Delft University of Technology have found the solution of this problem.

They have developed the storage device of 1kb. The special about this device is that, the data will be stored on each atom of this device. The material use in the development of this device is copper. Each character will be saved on each atom of the device. In the past, it takes thousands of atoms on the device to save one character, but now you can save data each atom.

So, in per inch square about 500tb data will be stored. So there would not be any need to build storage houses for the data storage. With the help of this new technology more and more data will be stored on the cloud storage and there would not be any need to build the storage houses to store the data.

It is quite a successful experiment and now the researchers are working to expand its scale. Right now they have developed only 1kb device, they really need to work more to meet the upcoming challenges in the market. Click here to see further detail



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