Enchroma spreading colors in life

Life is too beautiful and colorful it is not to be wasted away. But not everybody is fortunate enough to enjoy the blessing of life. Health is a major factor that can cause a hindrance without it life is nothing but a dull period of time you spend during your life. The sense of sight is one the blessing we are given which enables us to enjoy and admire colors of nature and everything around us, so the ones with proper sense of sight should be thankful. Because there are people who are not as blessed they face eye problems like complete blindness, color blindness and other sight disorders. Study is being conducted by doctors, scientists and experts to cure these diseases and disorders.

Color Blindness

The most common type of the sight disorder is colorblindness. Color blindness occurs due to the malfunction in any of the three basic color cones present in the eyes. These cones absorbs light wavelength of three colors that are red, green and blue. The most common of the color blindness is red-green color blindness or deutan color blindness which is caused by the malfunction of red and green color cones. A person with deutan color blindness is not able to distinguish red and green colors properly.

Enchroma glasses for the color blind

A company named Enchroma has started a project to solve the issue of color blindness more specifically red-green color blindness which is exists in each 1 out of 12 men and 1 out of 200 women. Enchroma has developed glasses that increase the saturation of red and green colors. These glasses have filters that cut out the overlapping wavelengths of the respective colors that allow distinguishing colors and make them clearer. Enchroma glasses are helping a lot of people see the colors of life for the first time in their lives. It should be kept in mind it is not a cure for deutan color blindness but in future a cure for these problems could be discovered. for further details check out the link http://enchroma.com/



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