Dahir Insaat introduces first automated restaurant

The autonomous growing world

At the mid of twentieth century and with the beginning of the twenty first century the world faced a lot of changes with respect to both social values and in professional fields. The twenty first century proved to be a beginning to a new era which involved automated processes and machinery. Mechanical tools and devices became greatly involved in industry, agriculture and other fields. This gave rise to the robotic revolution in the world.

The rise of robotic revolution may be a cause of threat to human kind. Threat to the human kind may be in the form of economic condition of people which includes their earning, societal issues as well as the life threatening problems. Aside from all of these issues there are a number of positive aspects of this change which are currently considered greater and are dominating negative aspects.

Automated restaurant business

Restaurant business is one of the leading businesses which have been under direct affect of the mechanical revolution. A number of restaurants chains have already turned themselves automatic to some extent leaving behind the old methods of cooking and serving.

Dahir Insaat automated restaurant concept               

A large scale automated restaurant project has been proposed by Dahir Insaat. The company has proposed a completely autonomous restaurant with minimum human intervention in the process.

According to the initial preposition an automated system will be utilized to order, serve and clean the remaining as well. Customers would be able to make their orders by using a tablet. The customer would be served by their order in a minimum time of 60 seconds or may be less. This would be made possible with the help of an elaborate conveyer belts and a mechanical arm that places the dish or food item on the table. In addition to serving the order an automatic cleaner is also used that contains a high pressure dish washer that maintains hygienic conditions. Humans are still needed at some point in the process. Future holds a lot more improvement in robotics and automatic processes so just wait.



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